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5 Photo Book Ideas You Haven't Thought Of

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So, you’re a photo book lover. You have a yearbook on the shelf, a vacation photo book, a wedding photo book, a pet photo book, and just about every photo book under the sun. What’s left to fill up the shelf?

Coming up with photo book themes can be a little difficult if you feel like you’ve done them all. Of course, you can keep collecting and making photo books of your Instagram and Facebook feeds, but having a themed photo book with a clear story is always a bit of fun.

If you put your mind to it, however, you will find that there are tons of photo book ideas that are just waiting to be put into action. It’s all about thinking outside of the box and not being afraid to try something a little different. To help you out, we have come up with five photo book ideas that you haven’t thought of. 

Remember, this is just scratching the surface. But it’s a good place to start, and from here, you can start thinking about more ways to diversify your shelf and add a few more books to your collection:

The Leftover Photo Book

This is a good photo book idea for those of you who want to give your social media platforms a makeover. Many of our online galleries are a mess of photographs – some good, some not so good – so it’s always a good idea to perform a clearout and make them nice and shiny again. 

But what about all those photos you’re getting rid of? It’s easy enough to clear out your Facebook and think: “meh, I won’t miss this photo”. But you might end up deleting things that you wish you’d kept years down the line. A Facebook photo book dedicated to the “leftovers” is a good way to avoid this. This is a photo book for all your so-so photos that you want to delete from your social media platforms but don’t actually want to lose forever.

The Pet (Singular!) Photo Book

If you’re an animal lover, you might already have a pet photo book which includes all of your favourite pet pictures, but why not give each of your pets the honour of having a book just for them? This can be a photo book dedicated to any animal, from your dog, to your budgie, to even your hamster! 

We all know you’ve got hundreds of pictures of them tucked away in your phone, so get them all together and allow that pet to shine. If you decide to do this for all of your pets, you can have a row of photo books – named after each – which will not only look great, but ensure no pictures have been forgotten and each pet has their well-deserved moment in the spotlight!

The Urban Photo Book

Many people tend to make photo books of specific events. Weddings, vacations, holidays. But if you’re a budding photographer, it’s a good idea to include some of the more personal, everyday snaps. Your urban photography is a great place to start. The photographs you have taken whilst out and about, walking along your local street or visiting a nearby city. 

If you haven’t got any photographs like this – but you’re into amateur photography – then get out there and start snapping some. This is a great photo book idea to demonstrate your skills and show your attention to detail. There’s no event. There’s no narrative as such. But there will always be stories to find in each urban photograph, making a photo book that is highly entertaining and - of course - beautiful. 

The Poet’s Photo Book

This is one for the creatives out there. Here at My Social Book, our photo book maker takes photos straight from your Instagram and Facebook profiles, including the hashtags, statuses or comments. In this way, a little blurb to your photographs can be a great way to not only diversify a photo book, but add to the story and infuse some creativity. 

Try to take more photographs with an inventive, imaginative and beautifully written description. Either this, or follow the Instagram-poetry trend of actually creating canvases and snapping pieces from your journal. In his way, you can fill out a photo book in a way that gets the viewer thinking and shows your more creative side. They can be anything from short poems to thought-pieces straight out of your own head. Get imaginative and go tell some stories!

The YOU Photo Book

As mentioned before, a lot of the time, photo books include vacations, birthdays, friends and holidays. Although they are taken from your social media platforms, however, something that not many of them include is you. And we mean predominantly you. 

Every Instagram or Facebook lover will have a number of selfies in their galleries, so why not place them all in your very own photo book. This is not about being vain or anything, but more about self-appreciation and showing your self-growth over the years. They don’t even have to be selfies. Just any photos that feature you. This can promote self-love and give yourself your own book to shine. Because let’s be honest, you deserve it!


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