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Tips and tricks for a beautiful Photo Collage!

Actual pictures make a wonderful enhancement to a photo collage, which can make a terrific keepsake and a remarkable gift. You can do it on your own or you can engage your kids on this activity. This project is suitable for ages 3 and up and it may take you about 20 minutes (without drying time). You could also adapt these project’s tasks to match various other ages, investing more or less time.

The basic items for most photo collages (see more):

Glue Stick or Zip Dry Glue;
Card Stock / Construction Paper;
Scissors (blunt-ended ones if you’re engaging your little pals!).


Making your personal photo collage can be a simple job.

Choose the photos you wish to feature. Lay them out and play around with various sizes and shapes to create your design. A heart, a moon, a tree, let your imagination go wild. After that, begin gluing them in position on your paper. You can simply pick images randomly or design collages that comply with a particular theme, such as buddies, relatives, household, family pets, and much more. Make use of an extended canvas rather than paper for a collage you can hang up and display.

Collage With Country Theme

Take into consideration making copies/xeroxes or print scans of the original photos instead of using the pictures itself. Not only will this permit you to maintain the original photo, but the duplicate will also certainly stick much better compared to the original photo. Utilize the glue moderately and mostly around the edge of the photo to prevent difficulties with bubbling if it takes too long for it to completely dry. Do not use photos copied or printed using an inkjet printer since the ink can bleed when it gets wet from the glue. The beautiful collage in the picture was made by https://www.treasureonthewall.com. You can also search for shops that make a collage for you or use their products as an inspiration for your original collage.


Digital Photo Collage and My Social Book:

Consider making a photo collage online on websites where you can simply upload pictures from your social media. If your intention is to create a perfect keepsake for yourself or a friend (or even for a Facebook Page you own or like), you should try a My Social Book.

My Social Book Open Pages

You can save up time and have all your social media memories displayed in a beautiful book and it will take you just a few seconds.

The covers are personalized, pick a color, play with the pictures chosen, write on the back cover, make it even more special! You can check a full preview of what your book would look like on our My Social Book's website for free. The layout is just beautifully designed.


I hope these tips and tricks of photo collages and Social Books will help you to share your nicest memories amazingly displayed and kept for the posterity.


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