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Tips before turning your social media record into your life book with My Social Book

Learn how to use Facebook & Instagram to create your best life book yet!

Think about Facebook as the source of your Life Book

Now that the holiday season is almost over  you can use some of the positive energy for keeping special memories alive 

Facebook or Instagram are wonderful and simple tools for archiving precious memories that you can use later in creating your beautiful keepsake My Social Book.

By using Facebook & Instagram with a little pre-thought, you can ensure that your My Social Bookhas even more of the moments and posts that you’ll want to revisit for years to come in your My Social Book.

Some simple things to keep in mind…

  1. Be mindful of about what you post.

Become a little more selective in the images or thoughts you post. Ask yourself: is this something I’d like to revisit later in my memory book? Does it have special meaning to me and my life?

  1. Think of Facebook or Instagram as your personal diary

Share your feelings about the events you record, give explanations of the pictures you post, write statuses that reflect your self. Be brave, authentic and honest – you’ll thank yourself when you’re reading your memory book many years from now.

  1. Post for yourself, not just your friends.

Facebook is the way we share what’s happening in our lives with friends. It’s a way to keep family updated. But when’s the last time you posted something that you wanted to share just with you? If you want a memory book that says something about your life and who you are, start posting with you more in mind.  

  1. Control who can see your Facebook photos.

If you want the photo to only be visible to you, you should change these privacy settings. You can do this by uploading a photo or while you upload it. 

  1. Post about little things you care about

Sometimes it’s the seemingly trivial artifacts of everyday life that can bring a past moment to life very vividly. Be spontaneous and make an effort to post about life’s little moments, not just the big events like birthdays and graduations!

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