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Tips for Creating a Photo Book From Your Holiday Snaps 

Sunglasses on the sand

It’s always, “Vacation, all I ever wanted” until you get back to a pile of laundry, a sulking pet, a stack of work to catch up on, and a refrigerator with contents just about as inspiring as the airport vending machine. We hate Mondays but, even more than that, we hate that first Monday back after a vacation…

Then again, it doesn’t have to be, and one of the best things you’ve got to look forward to at the end of a great holiday is sorting through your memories and reliving them as many times as you want.

And, sure, they’ll provide great fodder for your social media feeds over the coming weeks, but there are better ways for you to get the most out of your snaps, and choosing to create a beautiful photo memory book online – or a collection of holiday-centric photo books – is one of them.

Read our tips below.

Get consistent about editing

Chances are, when you were in the early days of curating your Instagram feed, you got a little carried away with the filters and edits available to you. From B&W to Ludwig, then Clarendon, Amaro, and a couple Adens for good measure, there’s every chance that, if you scroll far enough down your profile, you’ll find a pretty confusing patchwork of filters.

If that’s still your style, then go for it, but we’re willing to bet that most of you now prefer to create a more cohesive and more harmonious flow between your snaps.

So, whether you’re printing your photo book direct from your Instagram feed, or hand-picking a selection from your Google Photos albums, put some effort into giving them all the same level of polish.

Think about (but don’t overthink) your color story

Devoted to a life governed by carefully curated, monochromatic color schemes? Or, alternatively, in love with vibrant displays that, at some point or another, manage to incorporate every shade of every color of the rainbow into the narrative? Either way, this tip is one that will work for you.

Why? Because a color story doesn’t have to be single-minded, and it also doesn’t have to be as scattered and wide-ranging as time (and space) allows.

Thanks to the wide, open sky and the far-reaching horizons seen from the beaches, holiday snaps often lend themselves to bright blues and aquamarines – but, at the same time, plenty of the world’s best destinations are bursting with color. From the markets of Madurai to the Rainbow Mountains themselves, don’t fall into the trap of thinking a color story can only feature one main character.

Consider a theme

This will depend on how long your holidays were, and how many photos you took throughout the trip.

For instance, if you spend a long weekend in Yellowstone and filled your camera roll with snaps of trees, lakes, rivers, and the occasional human subject, that’s pretty much a theme in and of itself, and doesn’t need to be sorted any further.

If, however, you spent two weeks photographing everything and anything, from the food to the beach, your family, the markets, and attractions and sights, then there’s a good chance you’re going to want to knuckle down and pick a theme for this photobook, rather than trying to cram everything into one volume.

If you’ve been honing your food photography skills, don’t restrain yourself – make an entire book dedicated to Disney World’s Mickey-shaped treats if you feel like it. Took a picture of every plate in your 7-course feast at the Ritz? Include them all. These books are for you to enjoy, and there’s nothing wrong with any theme that makes your heart sing.

You can include your shots of Paris’s landmarks in the next book – and your by-the-beach selfies and group shots in the one after that.

Don’t forget about the cover

Unless you’re planning on leaving your photobook open to your favorite double-page spread on the coffee table every day of the week, you’re going to want to invest some serious time into picking the perfect, holiday-defining snapshot to take pride of place on your photo book.

Consider a candid shop – something that sums up the mood of the holiday without looking too posed – or a wide shot of the hotel or apartment building you stayed in during your break.

It doesn’t have to be a mind-boggling decision, but it’s worth putting extra thought into this detail. Plus, you can use it as an opportunity to set the theme of the photo book, and to introduce your color story.


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